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  • Indian Vegetarian Delights

Indian Vegetarian Delights

Mung Masoor Lentil Soup w/Onion & Ginger Seasoning--A classic Indian red lentil soup; nothing is more comforting or soothing,  Served with papadums (thin & crispy Indian flatbread)

Vegan Chickpea Patties--healthy, protein-rich and delicious.  Served with hot & sour fruit chaat (a savoury Indian snack typically enjoyed from stall or food carts across India--a street food must try)!

Gluten Free Pohe--very popular and extremely delicious Maharashtrian Rice Pilaf Dish; this one is with garden-fresh vegetables.  An absolute favourite.

Saffron Rice Kheer--this one pot traditional Indian sweet dessert is simple and delicious--with slivered almonds & pistachios, this is Indian Rice Pudding at its best!!


Event Name: Indian Vegetarian Delights
Skill Level:
Telephone: 604.536.6005
Event Date: 22/05/2019
Event Time: 06:30:00 PM
Event Days: Wed
Event Length: 2.5 hrs
Location: In-Store
Seats: 16
Seats Available: 11
Refundable: No
Instructor: Chef Bharti Saincher
Instructor Bio:

Born in New Delhi, India, Bharti Saincher of South Surrey immigrated to Windsor, ON in 1967 as a young girl and grew up there.  Having obatined a BSc and BEd degree in 1980, she married in 1981 and moved to Nanaimo, BC.  She worked in Winnipeg and Calgary as a resource teacher prior to raising three children.  

Bharti's self-published cookbook "Pass the Masala: Vegetarian Indian Cooking Made Simple" (Callawind Custom Books) contains more than 200 recipes for both beginners and experienced chefs alike.  Her recipes are written in a simple format yet still include all the traditional blending of Indian herbs, spices and seasoning.  The cookbook also includes many practical tips from 25 years of cooking experience.

"Through food, Bharti says, she hopes to strengthen the connection the next generation has with their culture and family history."  The book is not focused on one region's cuisine, rather a sampling of traditional recipes from all over the Indian continent.

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Indian Vegetarian Delights

  • Product Code: 22/05/19
  • Seats Remaining: 11
  • $65.00

 22/05/2019 at 06:30:00 PM

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